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What does Successful Living mean to you?  Is it better health?  Better fitness? Looking Younger - Feeling Younger - Living Younger?!  Regardless of how you define success Healthy Numbers will help you find the right formula for your success!

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Mike Inabinett, brings his passion for helping individuals Thrive in this life as a Solutions Consultant after more than 30 Years in The Health and Fitness Industry!

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Have you made the decision to defy your age?  Do you have questions and need direction?  Healthy Numbers is here to help you along this path toward better aging. Mike warmly welcomes you on a journey of discovery that will led you on a path to a new and improved you.  Contact Mike now and let's get you started on the path to success!


Healthy Numbers is dedicated to improving the lives of others through practical education on health, fitness and anti-aging.  Having spent the majority of his life in health and fitness, Mike Inabinett, the owner of Healthy Numbers, brings his knowledge and experience to businesses, civic groups, schools and churches.

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